Windows 10 has built-in free screen capture tool that allows you to capture screenshots in Windows 10. You can press Win + Shift + S keyboard shortcut to use the snipping toolbar. You can either take a screenshot of the full compute screen or only capture a part of it. The screenshots will be copied to the clipboard. And you can paste the screenshot picture to image editing software like Photoshop or in an email. Check how to use Win + Shift + S to capture screenshots in Windows 10.

How to Use Win + Shift + S to Capture Screenshots Windows 10 – 4 Steps

Step 1. Open the computer screen you’d like to capture a screenshot, and press Windows + Shift + S keys together. You can see that the computer screen is covered with a white overlay.

Step 2. Next you can choose a snipping mode at the top of the computer screen. This Windows 10 snipping tool offers 4 snipping modes.

  • Rectangular – Allows you to drag the cursor to create a rectangle screenshot.
  • Freeform – Lets you freely create a customized-shaped screenshot using the mouse. You can use the computer mouse to capture the desired area when choosing Rectangular or Freeform modes.
  • Windows – Capture a part of the screen, namely, a window on the screen such as a browser window, file explorer window, etc.
  • Fullscreen – This mode lets you capture the entire computer screen.

Step 3. After you choose the capture mode, you can then drag your mouse to select the preferred area to capture to clipboard. If you mouse changes to a “+” sign, then you are in capture mode and get ready to take screenshots.

Step 4. Release your mouse after you make desired area selection. And the captured screenshot will be automatically copied to the clipboard. And you can paste it to Photoshop, MS Paint, etc. to further edit it and save the file in preferred format.