Basic Steps


- Reboot the device. A simple reboot can resolve a lot of the issues.


If at home, reboot your home router.


 If at home, If you are using WiFi move closer to your router


- If at home, Avoid activities that heavily use your internet connection. (Such as streaming videos or music on other devices, online gaming, etc..)


- Close Brower tabs you do not need


- Windows and Mac's devices, Close other apps running on your computer

Camera/Audio Issues?

Make sure that you “allow” the camera and the microphone to be used by as seen below:

If you somehow miss this setting, we can still allow the camera and microphone to be used if you may see:

“Failed microphone/camera or microphone/camera blocked”

Click on the Lock button (highlighted in gray)

Once you click this button, you will see something similar to the menu below