Document Attachment is a secure way to include documents in your form. Only certain school office staff can log on to view these documents. No forms are stored outside of our internal server.

1. Click on Sign In.

You only register your account once. If you get an error stating that an account already exists for your email address, click on Forgot Password. You will get an email to reset it. The just sign in using your email and your password.

2. Select the email and password you want to use and then click on Register.

3. Accept the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and click Register

4. Click on Add Document. You can upload Pdfs or photos.

5. Browse for the file you wish to attach and click upload.

6. The upload is complete when you see the name of your document listed. You can also delete your document by clicking on the trash can. Once you are finished with the page, hit submit.